Davido is well known Nigerian from the west, despite not been raised in Nigeria he possesses what Nigerians call the ‘hustle spirit’ more than most of Nigerian youth.

David Adeleke had the dream of being a music star and never let the influence of his Dad take that away, unlike most Nigerian youths that has a dream or talent but let it all to die because he/her parent doesn’t accept it.

Davido didn’t just get to the height he is today, he worked really hard for it. To see hard work compete with talent is a thing that needs to be applauded. Despite all the critics he has gotten he never gave it a thought to quit, he instead kept pushing. A normal Nigerian youth would give up after been criticized once or twice.

Selflessness is one quality Davido possess that all Nigerian youth should try to develop. From not taking any fee for a collabo to buying iPhones and other gift items for his team. Canceling his US tour to help his uncle campaign for his election not minding his uncle son’s are musicians like him. We never heard or see Sina Rambo during his father campaigns. Recently he gave a very vital reason why he always win in what he does, ‘because he love to see and help others win also’, only yesterday, fellow musician Kizz Daniel attest to him being a good man. Top politicians has also applauded him for the vital role he’s playing in his uncle election, eg Sen. Ben Murray Bruce. If all Nigerian youth can possess this selfless attitude, growth wouldn’t be a problem.

Davido has a humble spirit though so many see him to be pompous. He has lowered himself severally to many people he has come across, apologizing to Dele Momodu after their rift because of his babymama is a key point that shows his humbleness. Accepting mistake and seeking forgiveness seems more like a taboo to most Nigerian youths.

Davido shows off his real self, he doesn’t try to live his life to please anybody. Most youths now are filled with fake lifestyle, trying to compete with well known celebrities in all they do and live a life they can’t afford and this in turn can result to waywardness when they are not able to keep up with that standard. Going into to cultism and robbery at night to look good in the day is what most Nigerian youths do now.

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