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Best graduating student recounts how he was denied employment at NNPC, PTI for being a southerner

Nigeria recording artist, John Oshomah, has slammed Adamu Garba for urging Nigerians to return to the country, as he narrated how he was denied employment at NNPC and PTI for being a southerner.

Adamu Garba had taken to Twitter to urge Nigerian to stay in Nigeria, in turn building the country.

This didn’t go down well, with Oshomah, who ripped into Garba in series of tweets, as he narrated how he was denied employment in the country, despite meeting all requirements.

He wrote;

To do what ? Lemme give u a personal account. I will t be speaking for Nigerians . Just myself . 2000 my father died . 2003, my mother sold her rapper and jewelries so I can enroll WAEC and NECO . 2005 December I got admitted into Petroleum Training Institute..

2012 I graduated the best in my class Electrical & Electronic Engineering . Go to my dept in Warri , my name is still up there . No one came close in graduating year of 2012. After graduation, I worked in the Dept till it was time for NYSC . Moved to France at completion Through govt scholarship under GEJ. Studied my life out in low and medium voltage electricity distribution. Electrical automation to mention a few . Came back and Petroleum Training Institute was recruiting at the time . Flew to Abuja 3 times to write the exams

with my last card at the time. Computer based test . U see ur scores immediately u submit. I passed all cut off . Now here’s the gist . I qualified for and NEVER got interviewed. I was at the civil service commission during the interview phase. Myself and my HOD then watched

Helplessly as ur brothers from the north (some of which never took the rigorous exams we were made to go through) strolled in , got interviewed and worked out with employment letters. I’ll never forget the look on my HOD’s face that day.

staff (northern Muslim) with ur lecture notes . Just show him around EEC courses. As a permanent staff his salary shld be at least 250k why I took home nada as an intern still after all the schooling in France . That was the day I stopped working .

Unless u want me to curse you sir


, you’ll never ask me to come back home. Plus come back and die by ur non functional govt who sees everyone who calls their BS out as treasonous?

I am HOME . I’ve never felt this secure my entire life . Go to PTi in Warri

Delta state . Go to Elect Elect dept . Ask of Aminu. Tell him I said hi . Ask him to explain Ohm’s law for you. Come back and weep for you Federal Character’ed Nigeria . Cheers ✌

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