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Meet Obi Jackson, the Nigerian man who single handedly turned his village to a town

Ernest Azudialu-Obiejese mostly know as Obi Jackson is the CEO and GMD of Nestoil Plc, a multi-billion oil industry.

Obi Jackson is a native of Okija in Anambra State, his company Nestoil Plc has a multi-million naira tower located in Lagos State with over 15 storeys.

He single handedly spent billions of Naira to transform his village, Okija in Anambra State to a town. Reportedly built quality houses, made good standard roads, built standard houses for his commuters and also built a mini stadium.

Many now refer to him as a god for because of his good deeds towards his fellow humans.

See photos of how he made his village to look:


14 Replies to “Meet Obi Jackson, the Nigerian man who single handedly turned his village to a town

  1. Awesome. This is Soo amazing. U Have done Noble. Good bless you. Some day, I would like to go visit and see for myself these good works u have done. Pls keep on keeping on.

      1. You are indeed a light Sir, God gave you a light and you decide to make the light for everyone around you, may the light never quench, may it continue to shine all the days of your life Amen

    1. Mark , the various structures you see here , including the sky high rise , tall building in the village , the hospital , the extensive network of roads , the independent buildings , the hospital and all looks to you like a family residential building ?. You are entitled to your opinion , this is a clear uncommon and strange goodwill from a single man to his townsmen . No single record from the past to compare this with.

  2. I haven’t seen this kind hearted man like this before. Cheerful giver with undying love for the less privilege across the nation. Giving out Millions with ease. Free meals , free uniform, free buses to take children around, free medical. I wonder that Nigeria still have this kind hearted man like this. More grace, long life with sound health to and your family as well sir

  3. This structure is awesome. . His legacy always speak for him all over the world. A man with Gold heart. More respect sir.
    Please God let my own be released amen

  4. Don’t waste your time commending him or asking him for a job via this platform……….. He doesn’t have time to see it.

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