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How the westerners, Americans and Asians are trying to infect Africa with Coronavirus through all measures

Their have been sickening reports of the Europeans, Americans and Asians trying to get the world ravaging pandemic, Coronavirus into Africa by all possible means.

Most African countries who have relatively small cases of Coronavirus have lockdown their Nations and close all means of getting into the country yet their are still reports of people from the infected Nations sneaking in.



A US citizen have been have been arrested for trying to sneak into Ghana by flying to Togo and passing through the border.

1,030 international travelers last Sunday came into Ghana and were all quarantined. 185 of them have been tested for Coronavirus and 25 tested positive. The travelers includes citizens of France, Italy, America and China.

Another report have it that a Japanese who tested positive for the novel Coronavirus was trying to sneak in Mozambique through the land border.

Many Africans have felt the threat of it and how the White’s are trying by all means to get into the continent and deposit the virus and are all crying out to their Countries government to be at alert.


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