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An aerial view photo of Boko Haram camp in Sambisa forest

This is an aerial view of a well fortified Boko Haram camp seen minutes before it was bombared by Alpha Jets of the Nigerian Airforce.

The Alpha Jets were in echelon formation, bombing over the Boko Haram camp in the Sambisa forest.

The sambisa forest is said to be of 66,000 sqr km and the terrorist group are said to have several camps in it for regrouping and supply of food and ammunitions.

Each Alpha Jet is said to carry 500kg bombs which are high impact unguided bombs filled with deadly shrapnel.

It has a kill zone of 100 metres and once dropped, it obliterates all life within the size of a football field.

Also once dropped, the best the enemy or target can do is run and pray.

The Nigerian Airforce carried out this operation on the 27th of March, 2020 and equally posted video of the bombardment.

After the sustained air bombardment on the camp, the Nigerian troops hence advanced on the positions.

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