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Abeg Oga we no be your citizens, Nigerians abroad says as President Buhari plans Covid-19 rescue mission

A Nigerian lady, miss. Gift who escaped harsh Nigerian economy to Europe set social media ablaze early this morning with her video. According to her:

“I woke up this to hear say Buhari wan go carry his citizens as German people carried their own and other countries. Oga Buhari, who is your citizen? Who complained to you?”

She continued : You see, no be only ear problem you get, you get eye problem too but when we say so, they will find find fault. I am not your citizen. You no be my president. I have my own president here. We no be Fulani people? If dey thing really set as it set here in Europe, which hospital will you use to treat affected people? A beg if nah joke, stop am.

She also pointed previous of Buhari: When South Africans were killing Nigerians did you sent flight to carry them? During the time Ghana attacked Nigerians, did you sent any help to them. Even recently in Libya, when Nigerians were sold and killed, did you help them?

As if she had not said enough, she stated: Over sabi, nah we you wan come carry. Come cargo us. Come use rope and tie our legs and hands. We call you? I too know. Akproko, who called you? Come carry us. Come carry us nah. As load wey we be. See you, just put your point clear, talk say you wan see Angel Michael make you borrow money for her hand. Because nah wetin you be. Begi begi borrow borrow follow everywhere.

She warned: Don’t use us do wayo. Who wan follow you go? Anyways, may be people day wey go follow you go but no be person like gifty and my gang.

She seemed to have spoken the minds of hundreds of Nigerians at home and abroad.

Below are some of their reactions;

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