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If the New World Order emerges, Nigeria may no longer be Giant of Africa – Atiku Abubakar says

Ex Vice President of Nigeria and the candidate for the People’s Democratic Party Presidential elections, Atiku Abubakar has continued to share his views, on how best Africa can deal with the deadly Corona virus pandemic, that’s wreaking havoc round the world, in a written article he shared on his Instagram status, he bore out a lot.

He said, If we had the right people in the office, the Nigerian Government would not have proposed $500 million loan to digitalise the Nigerian Television Authority or devote ₦37 Billion to renovate the National Assembly complex, which was built from the scratch at less than 20% of that amount, or also devote ₦13 Billion, and that today’s Nigerian Government lacks qualified hands. He went further to reveal that, as it stands today, the world is too pre occupied to prioritise Africa and so therefore, Africa should prioritise themselves.

He continued to reveal, that the idea of Nigeria wanting to borrow $6.9 Billion at this time, was delusional, because it’s not the type of money to throw about. The idea that Nigeria is always quick borrow money, shows a lazy mindset and cannot be considered as a serious country, especially when they are busy importing foreign cars, Nigeria must abandon her 2020 budget and come up with a realistic one, history will not forgive us if we make the wrong decisions and also if we don’t make any decision at all. If Nigeria does not save herself on this season of global emergency and take decisive action, we may not be the Giant of Africa again, when the new world order emerges.


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