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Cell phones retrieved from killed terrorists reveals they are in contact with with Nigerian Army and Police

Nigerians are angry at the Nigerian Police and Military men, and are demanding for an explanation as to why their contact numbers are in the mobile phone of a terrorist who was killed in the Sunday night battle, after a group of Terrorist (otherwise known as the Hausa-Fulani herdsmen) raised a village in southern Kaduna, killed some people and left.

However, the villages were able to arm themselves in self defense, and were able to kill one of the terrorists at the spot of the attack. When the mobile phone of the killed Terrorist was retrieved by the youths living in the community, a shocking discovery was made.

In the cell phone of the killed Terrorist are contacts from the Nigerian army and Nigerian Police. The youths became angry and went on to social media to demand an explanation from the police and army as to why their contacts are in the cell phone of a terrorist.

A Twitter user Tweeted about it and a lot of Nigerians became angry, with many tweeting that all these while, the Nigerian army and police have been conniving with the terrorists to kill innocent Christian Nigerians in the guise of religious cleansing.

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