I am a Muslim married to a Christian, can I still fast? – Lady ask

I am a 35 year old lady I got married this year. My husband is a Christian but I am a practicing Muslim. Our marriage has been widely criticized in my family. At first my parents objected, but my husband used gifts and kindness. After several months of discussion my parents finally accepted the marriage.

We got married, we are very happy. My husband always offers lots of gifts to my family, he even planned to send my parents to Mecca. My husband respects me a lot, he is an extraordinary man.

But recently one of my cousins ​​told me something that shocked me. She told me that my fasting was useless, that my marriage was void and that Allah would never accept my prayers.

I was really confused, I did not answer her and I went directly to see my mother who only told me that Allah was merciful.

Does my marriage with a Christian discredit me in the eyes of God?