‘What kind of corruption is this?’ Nigerians react to FG’s announcement that N20,000 has been shared to 3.6million people

Nigerians are very well known for their out outspokenness when it comes to issues of mis-governance and anything they perceive is not right that is being done by the government.

This can be clearly seen in the way they have reacted to the news that the Federal Government has just distributed N20,000 each to 3.6million people within the past two days.

Reacting to the statement, political ctivist Deji Adeyanju said this Friday afternoon, ‘’N20,000 to 3.6m people is N72billion. They have created Emergency Corona billionaires in just few days with no single proof of how the money was shared. What kind of corruption is this?’’

Reacting, @josh_cnk said, ‘’My issue with this is that by Saturday night everything will be forgotten and life will go back to normal. We enable them by letting them off easily.’’ While another follower @GbolahanObadime said, ‘’Let us keep record. After this govt has passed away, many of the actors must rot in jail just like they are doing to past govt officials.’’

Former Presidential spokesperson under the Goodluck Jonathan administration, Jackson Ude too had this to say, ‘’ Why has the conditional cash transfer of the Buhari’s regime only available in Northern Nigeria. How about the poor in southern Nigeria. I have not heard people receive any cash from the South. And I hear N5billion has already been shared in the last two days!’’

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From @MBuhari @FINANCEGOVNG are classical and fantastically corrupt. The will pay for it in future or face jail term. I pity Minister of Finance


All the looters who get rich by defrauding the masses, will die a mysterious death.

That money will purge them

What kind of nonsense is this in this country?

People are crying of hunger and others are busy pocketing money that is made for everyone

God forbid


It is sickening and wickedness overboard. Imagine looting money meant for the poorest of the poor in this devastating condition. I wonder how some ppl will face death and their God.