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See the illegal thing these 17 Chinese men were caught doing in Osun River (Photos)

What has been considered an illegal work with no form of authority given has got 17 Chinese men arrested with immediate effect.

It was reported that 27 miners that includes 17 Chinese and 10 locals has been arrested. Not leaving out a local traditional high Chief that was allegedly to have known about the incident in Osun State after reports got to the Joint Task Force about an illegal operation going on the community.

The Chinese were arrested follow the sting operation spotted around Ilesa and Ife axis of Osun State. It was said that the Joint Task Force, JTF which was recently inaugurated was giving a heads up as they swung into action.

Addressing the issue before the press and the accused, the Deputy Chief of Staff to the State Governor, Mr Abdullahi Binuyo, made it clear that no responsible government would watch its land degenerate by unauthorized persons and won’t act immediately or do nothing.

Mr Binuyo further noted that apart from the effect of economic leakages, all those arrested had flouted the the states government directives to stay at home, in addition, their activities is also considered as a pollution to the Osun river with the use of poisonous metals, thereby making the water unsafe for human consumption and irrigation.

He emphasized that the government would ensure those arrested are prosecuted according to law and not just that, they would be asked to pay compensation for any form of damages that might have been incurred.

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