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Disturbing conversation between an Ss2 student and her teacher begging her for s*x (Screenshots)

There is no shortage of reports about Nigerian teachers and other school staff getting arrested for allegedly sexually abusing one or more children.

These disturbing incidents alarm parents, students and everyone concerned about school safety.

Sexual abuse in schools, as in other settings, is diverse in its dynamics. It can range from forcible assaults, unwanted groping, inappropriate propositions  and seduction, to the solicitation and exchange of sexual images and video clips. Besides being crimes, they violate the professional responsibilities of teachers and other educators, and undermine the trust that community places in the institution.

Below are screenshots of an ss2 student and her class teacher who it seems has been disturbing her for sex. Incidents like these raise questions like: What is an Ss2 student doing with a mobile phone, and how did the teacher get her number?

Read below;

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