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I will name my baby after my mother-in-law I stabbed to death – Fatima Sani

A mother of three who was arrested for the killing of her mother in law said she would name her baby after her.

The police in Niger State recently apprehended Fatima Sani, 36, for stabbing her mother-in-law, Aishatu Umaru, 70, to death in the Mashegu Local Government Area of the state following a misunderstanding. Fatima Sani, who is pregnant, explained how it all happened.

“The misunderstanding started on the day I got married to her son, Sani Umaru, in March 2009. His mother did not hide her objection to her son’s marriage to me.

Although my husband was madly in love with me, his mother swore never to allow the marriage to work. In fact, from the time my husband defied his mother’s threat not to marry me, there was no love lost between me and my mother-in-law”.

This was her explanation for stabbing the mother in law. She said she never knows peace since she got married because of her mother in law.

She was so frustrated that she had to kill her mother in law the day the incident happened.

While been interrogated by punch,she six she would name her unborn baby after her mother in law if she is given a second Chance by the law.

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