Radio presenter beaten mercilessly by sugar mummy after she caught him pants down with another woman

“Radio presenter Fofona Bangali being beaten by sugar Mummy after being caught pants down. It happened this evening in Kisumu. It’s alleged that he saved her as Omena seller in his phone book. Very trying times for the boy child,” wrote Billy on Facebook.

The identity of the women in question is yet to be made public but some social media fans shared images alleged to be of the sugar mummy but we could not authenticate them.

The incident is said to have happened on Sunday evening.

Cases of domestic violence seem to be on the rise in the resent time with a month hardly passing without hearing that someone ha been killed by the partner.

On Sunday, Vigilance Shighi aged 29 years in Umoja 2 Nairobi allegedly killed her boyfriend Edward Okelo aged 33 years who works as an aeroplane engineer at JKIA after a disagreement. She reportedly stabbed him with a kitchen knife.

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