If you no run mad, I be bastard!! – Lady tells man who dumped her after she had numerous abortions for him

A lady has taken to Twitter to threaten to make sure that a certain man known as Kunle will go mad after she has over twenty eight (28) abortions for him and he later declined to marry her, his excuse being that she is four years older than he is.

The story which was shared with a Twitter influencer to protect her identity, revealed she met the man very early in her life. She said she turned down several other potential suitors who were asking her out hoping that Kunle was definitely going to settle down with her.


Kunle bought a ring and engaged her when she wanted to walk out of the relationship and she had been wearing it for three years now. She added that the young man avoided marital talks saying he’s not financially okay to take care of her and kids which was why she kept on aborting series of pregnancy totaling over 28.

When they finally fixed a date for introduction, Kunle failed to show up. When she finally got through to him, he said his parents are against him marrying an older woman, something he said would not be a problem in the first place.

See her full post below;

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