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Meet Chinese man who owns Nigerian restaurant, cooks Nigerian dishes and speak Igbo dialect in China (Video)

Meet this Chinese man that speaks Igbo language and has a restaurant in China that deals on Nigerian foods. He can even prepare dishes such as Eba, Amala and Egusi.

Although this is not the first time I am coming across a video like this, but the confidence this man posed, is top notch.

In a recent video making rounds online, this Chinese man while being interrogated by a Nigerian man (Igbo), it was found out that the man can speak and understand Igbo language to a certain length.

He even claimed that his name is Chukwuebuka and when he was asked about his origin, he laughed and said no idea.

According to a report, a large number of the African population of Guangdong, China, are Igbo speaking and are mainly businessmen.

I believe most of these Chinese businessmen are learning the language so fast from Nigerians over there.

This is to aid them communicate better when making transactions with Nigerians especially Igbo’s, who visit China for business.

There is another report that China has employed the best Igbo teachers from Nigeria and has somewhat made the language a compulsory course to study in their schools.

Watch the video below;

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Oh wow! He speaks igbo? šŸ¤£

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