“Government of old sick people” – Charly Boy condemns the appointment of 76-year-old Agboola Gambari as CoS

Controversial singer and entertainer Charly Boy has criticised the appointment of 76 year old Agboola Ibrahim Gambari as the new Chief of Staff to the President after the passing away of Late Abba Kyari.
Charly Boy took to the streets of Twitter to describe President Buhari’s administration as a government of old sick people, asking if there are no youths in the Northern states the President could have appointed.

He then mocked the popular saying of youths being the leaders and owners of the future, saying they are all lies. Riding on that, Area Fada then termed the current adminstration as a bad one which is ridden with lies.

A Government Of Old Sick pple as Buhari appoints a 78yrs old man Professor Ibrahim Gambari. There are no youthful northerners or Nigerians again? “The Future belongs to the Youths” What a Big Lie. Bad governments always lie because telling the truth requires honour and courage“, Charly Boy tweeted.

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