Man narrates ordeal between him and married woman asking him to be her boyfriend while she pays him 150k

A certain phrase says “Wonders shall never cease to end” A model took to his twitter handle to share to the world an offer he rejected where a married woman asked him to become her boyfriend as she was ready to pay him 150k monthly.

King Monye, as he his known in his twitter handle revealed that a friend of his introduced him to a married woman, so they became friends, and the married woman, at times sends money and airtime to him, but without any ill-thought, it was meant to be friendship, he highlighted that the married woman’s husband stays outside the country, the friendship grew, and to the extent that she sometimes call the husband in front of the young man.

Soon afterwards, she started inviting him on regular basis, they were having fun together, going to eateries together, and one day after some months, she asked him to become her boyfriend, and she is even ready to pay him up to 150k every month if he can accept the offer.

The man actually said he thought about Karma and put himself in the woman husband’s shoe and imagined how he will feel if he gets to find out, so he said he had mixed feelings, but finally summoned the courage to tell her he can’t do such a thing, and due to the refusal, she ended the relationship between her and the young man.

King Monye now reflects back saying he wish he could have accepted it, but for the sake that he will also get married one-day, and if she wasn’t married, he would have accepted the offer.

Was he brave enough to let go of the money proved should he have dated the married woman. A conundrum to some!

Read his story below;

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