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Northerners only remember Allah when things are hard, they forget him when electing leaders – Man says

Nigerians have been reacting to the unrest experienced in the northern part of the country and the most recent was in Kaduna.

Yesterday, according to a tweet by @AbdulGidadoo, we gathered that there were gun shots at Yantumaki Danmusa Local government Area, Kaduna.

In his tweet, he says

After all the gunshots we heard last night around 11:38pm, i couldn’t gv a chance to stand up i rolled on the floor to the toilet to ease myself and rolled back to bed

Reacting to the news of the kaduna attack,

@Intergrity56 on twitter tweeted

“As usual, Katsina folks are pushing the responsibility of their safety and protection to Allah. Your Governor failed to protect you, the President also failed to protect you. It’s their fault and their duties to protect you. Ask them to do their jobs.”

Another twitter user @rickieflamez shares similar opinion as @intergrity56 in his tweet…

Without killing anyone, president Buhari declared python dance in igboland but his people are been slaughtered by bandits and instead of them to hold Buhari responsible they run to God in prayers, you took one cup of rice and elected God right? ”

In another update, we gathered that Rafi local government, Niger state was also under attacked by bandits who went sweeping through defenseless communities in broad daylight without any resistance from the authorities.

He said “Lives and properties are continuously being lost. There’s mass exodus of ppl frm d ravaged rural communities into what is now an unsafe LG HQ. Women carrying infants and children running for their lives — with nothing to cater for themselves at all. No food.”

There’s extreme panic in the hearts and minds of everyone! Any strange sound spooks & gives everyone heebie-jeebies. No one is sleeping! It’s unfortunate enough that as law abiding & economically productive citizens, we’ve to be begging the government to come to our rescue.

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