Was it plucked from the Garden of Eden? – Nigerians reacts over Mango which is been sold for 1,300 Naira

A lady have taken to social media platform to share picture of a mango which is sold for one thousand, three hundred naira only (#1,300) which have gotten lot of people talking.

The lady who went to a shopping mall to items for herself saw something which caught her attention. The lady shared pictures of a mango that cost for about one thousand, three hundred naira (#1,300) and the funny part is that it’s just one mango. The mango looks like it was imported from Egypt as a result of the inscription on it.

The tweet which was shared by Skillz on twitter read, ‘Come and see what I saw. Not 20mangoes, not 10, not even 2. Just 1 Mango for #1,300.’

Lot of Nigerians have dropped their various comments concerning the mango as they have dropped their various comments as to why just 1 mango should be sold for that amount. Although, many suggested that since it was imported, it’s worth the amount. A comment in the comment section read, “Was it plucked from the garden of Eden?”

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