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Lady who taught students how to use condoms receives query from NYSC

A sexologist who was a teacher during her NYSC, has narrated how she was queried for teaching secondary school students how to use condom.

The young lady said she decided to teach her students about safe sex after one of her students developed complications from a badly done abortion.

Her actions backfired and the school’s principal called her for a meeting.

She was accused of teaching the girls “carnal things” which go against the school principles and was queried.

The young lady narration has led to a debate on Twitter.

Some Twitter users reprimanded her, adding that she should have taught the girls abstinence instead.

Others said girls have been taught about abstinence for too long yet it hasn’t stopped them from having sex, so it’s best to teach them to be safe if they choose to have sex.

See tweets below:

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