Nigerian lady narrates how coronavirus saved her friend from marrying a secretly married man

Below is a narration about how a lady would have ended up getting married to a married man with kids if not for the coronavirus lockdown period.

A few weeks to their wedding which fell on a date within the lockdown period, a call came through from the man’s kids which busted his marital status.

@chocolatemepire tweeted: “Thank God 4 covid-19
A friends wedding was meant 2 be on the 28th of April, because of COVID-19 it didn’t hold fast forward to yesterday she picked up his phone(it was the man’s kids outside the country). Mind you, he said he’s based in Lagos and travels to get goods

It’s a lie oga stays abroad and married to a white woman oh, only came back to see his sick mum in December.

How did they meet: online and he wanted to marry her because she’s a lawyer. Some men eh”

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