“They’ll rather buy you drinks than help you to attain their level” – Man calls out his fellow Igbos

Igbo has been trending massively on Twitter today and it comes following a statement by a Nigerian man.

The Nigerian man stated that Igbo people only show love on social media but in real life they will not give the support to anyone to attain the same level as them.

He wrote, “Na social media igbo people dey show each other love , but in real life ? Except you are rich , They rather buy you drinks , spray money at your wedding than set you up with an opportunity that brings you to the same level with them. 1 single igbo person hasn’t done nada for me.”

“I’m waiting for one igbo person that will say he/she has done something for me , uncle , aunty , extended family , friend , ex friend , anyone at all , im waiting , once they show me I’ll delete this tweet.”

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