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19-year-old school girl receive revelation, in a vision about possible Covid-19 cure

As researchers in different countries burn the midnight oil to get a vaccine to cure the Covid 19 disease, a 19-year-old student of Kisioyi Sec School in Bungoma County has received a divine revelation in a vision about the possible cure of the deadly pandemic that has so far infected 715 people and killed 36 in the whole country.

Naomi Nekesa from Bumula Sub County claims that a mysterious being appeared to her in a vision wearing white apparel and showed her 7 kinds of trees that should be mixed in a concoction to treat the disease.

‘’In the vision, I was shown 7 different types of herbal shrubs by the person who stood before me in white apparel. He named them in Bukusu dialect and showed me how I should mix the concoction and assist the patients suffering from the disease,’’ she said.

According to the student, the ‘spirit being’ took her to different hospitals while in trance and showed her patients covered and on life support systems groaning in pain.

‘’In all hospitals, he took me to, patients were in extreme pain and gave me instructions on how to save mankind from the pestilence,’’ she said.

Her mother said that she was terrified after her daughter narrated to about the vision.

‘’The girl surprised us when she named 3 different types of trees that are effective in curing flu and pneumonia,’’ she said.

The parents of the girl decided to consult Dr. Isaack Misiko, an experienced registered herbal specialist in Bungoma County.

According to Dr. Misiko, the director of Indigenous, Scientific Collaboration in research Association(ISCRA) the kind of trees mentioned by the girl is used to cure acute bronchitis, Tuberculosis, lung infections, pneumonia, and ulcers.

‘’We do prescribe drugs from the identified shrubs to treat TB, bronchitis, pneumonia, ulcers and lung infections, ’said Misiko.

Dr Misiko believes the combination of the shrubs as identified in the vision by the student may clear most of the symptoms associated with the disease.

He called on the Kenya Medical Research Institute ( KEMRI) and other well-wishers to assist the girl do clinical trials and patent the drug so that she can be able to administer the concortion like other herbalists in other African countries.

Dr Misiko has called on the government to work closely with herbalists to develop a home grown solution to the corona pandemic.

Principal of Kisioyi Secondary School called on the government to assist the girl adding that all the shrubs described by the girl had ingredients to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

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