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Following the recent killings of blacks in America, black lady poses with 22 different guns to show her safe her son is

Following the recent killings of black people in the United States, a US citizen has posted a picture of her and her guns to show the world how protected she is against any attack. According to a Twitter User, John Burnett, the lady posed with the firearms in order to display how well she can protect her family especially her son who was by the window at the time the picture was taken. Burnett also claimed that the photo was taken by the Husband of the Lady.

The whites in the U.S are known to be racists and have taken the attitude to another level by killing black people in the country. One notable case was that of Ahmaud Aubrery who was murdered by two white folks while he was jogging down the street. The killers Gregory McMicheal 64,(Father) who was an ex-policeman conspired with his son Travis McMicheal 34,(Son) shot the Late Ahmaud after claiming they thought he was a burglar that has been terrorizing their neighborhood. Black people are now taking up the responsibility of defending themselves just like the Lady in the above picture.

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