I don’t want to suffer on Earth and in Hell – Popular singer quits music as she becomes a born again

Recently, a Liberian dancehall singer, Canc Queen has announced that she has quit music after giving her life to Christ.

Canc, who was one of the top dancehall stars in Liberia, had disclosed the news to her fans via her social media platforms last night, as she narrated about her life experiences in a series of posts and how God saved her on many occasions.

The popular singer revealed that she took the decision to quit music and turn over a new leaf after surviving three near-death experiences, she said God spared her life many times, even though she doesn’t deserve his mercy.

She also said that joining the music industry was a mistake, and she regretted doing things that didn’t give Christ glory. But she concluded that has she made up her mind now, as she does not want to suffer on earth and also suffer in hell.

Canc, is now using social media pages to win souls for Christ, she also admitted that music wasn’t her calling and that it only made her famous in the wrong way.

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