My mother wears my husband’s boxers whenever she comes to visit us, I’m confused about it – Lady cries out

I’ve been overlooking this for a long time now since I began to notice it, but it has started to give me great concern.

I got married two years ago, and since that time till now, my mother has visited us about three times.

She visited us six months after my wedding, I was two months pregnant then. After about one week of staying with us, I woke up one morning to the kitchen, and I was surprised to see my mother in the kitchen wearing my husband’s boxers. I was speechless and confused, and kept wondering what my husband’s boxers were doing on her body, but I kept quiet because I didn’t want her to feel embarrassed with my questions. This continued for some time in the house, though I didn’t have any proof of what my suspicions were. Until my mother returned back to the village about three weeks later.

She visited again after four months. She said she was concerned with how I was coping with the pregnancy, since it was my first time. And the same story began to repeat itself, until she left. I refused to ask my husband about it because I was scared of what his response would be. My marriage was still young, and I was scared of causing troubles at such early stage of my marriage. I was hurting deeply inside me, but I tried to control it.

Then I put to birth, and my mother came for omugwo. She’s going to stay for three months.

And the story still hasn’t changed. The other day I saw my husband coming out from my mother’s room looking so pensive. I asked him what he went there for, but he told me that he wanted to go and check on my mom. That isn’t the first time I’m seeing him come out from my mother’s room.

I called my dad to complain about it, and he said I should not base my fears on assumptions. I’m so confused about what to do right now.

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