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Remember Aroma Ufodike? The only man that won N10million in ‘Who Want To Be A Millionaire’

I know a lot of people might have successfully forgotten the man, Aroma Ufodike, who answered all the questions thrown at him by Frank Edoho in Who wants to be a millionaire as he won the 10 million naira.

Like every other participants, people assumed that he might not answer all the question correctly, however, to the bewilderment of many viewers, he extremely delivered the answers correctly.

Aroma Ufodike on September 11, 2009, sat down like every other participants, full of confidence and readiness to set a record. He did, becoming the first participant nay Nigerian to win the golden 10 million naira.

The Anambra born man of Nnewi community didn’t make use of the lifeline option if my memory serves me right.

Funnily, when he was on the last question, he said “I want to use my “phone a friend” option to call my family that I am about to win 10 million naira.”

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