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Use cow urine as sanitizers – Kenyan Government advices

Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok had a piece of rather peculiar advice to his residents after on how to disinfect and stay safe from Covid-19.

The governor was addressing the media on Thursday, May 14, in ways to combat the deadly Coronavirus that is a global pandemic.

Nanok urged the people of Turkana that using soap and water was superior to sanitizers but in the absence of all three, he recommended an age-old technique of ‘disinfection’ by using cow urine.

“The first frontline is to wash your hands with soap. I think to me that is the most effective way. Use sanitisers only when you cannot access water and other things.

“I’ve seen people using cow urine, they are using the same old technique. In fact, they have been using it to disinfect the cow udder before milking it and it has been very effective.

“They have adopted that without asking because they know it is effective but I think the responsibility is for all of us,” noted the governor.

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