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Breaking: Madagascar drops English as an official language

Madagascar has dropped English as an official language in the constitution, which was approved by voters in the November 2010 referendum.

Conventional wisdom suggests that English is becoming “the world’s second language,” a lingua franca that many forward—looking organizations are adopting it as a working language. Optimists about the spread of English as a global second language suggest it will enable collaboration and ease problem solving without threatening the survival of mother tongues. Pointing to hundreds of thousands of Chinese children who learn English by shouting phrases back at teachers, the American entrepreneur Jay Walker offers the idea that English will be a language of economic opportunity for most speakers: they’ll work and think in their mother tongue, but English will allow them to communicate, share, and transact.

Details soon…

7 Replies to “Breaking: Madagascar drops English as an official language

  1. Well great. In the first Place, i greet His Excellency President of Madagasca for his brave step towards all Africa. and to out WHO.
    On the other hand, why must English Language as an Official Language be aborted? In so far that it has been there for centuries even in the time of Independence and colonisation,; and it has been in use even to this publication. so Why must it be abolished?

  2. If you wish to be a self contained, self sustaining, self educating and self-everything, you can drop the English Language BUT if you want your next generations to have a place in the global village, to attend the best Universities in the world, then you can’t dream of dropping English. If it is meant to promote local languages, then it has to be phased out gradually and only completely once you have your local dictionaries and terms for all technologies in local languages. Then again some of the greatest civilizations we thought were self contained like the Chinese are all learning and doing business in English. Politics can really confuse at times.

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