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Buhari is cloned, Jubril Al Sudani is dead – Nnamdi Kanu says

After many months of claiming that Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari had died in 2017 or so, at a hospital in London, and cremated in Saudi Arabia – with the knowledge of these nine powerful men – Nnamdi Kanu has dropped another bombshell.

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) – a proscribed movement in Nigeria – is claiming that Jubril Al Sudani (the Sudanese allegedly recruited by Aso Rock cabal to replace Buhari) is dead.

52-year-old Kanu has not stated when Jubril passed away but he said the demise is allegedly connected to the 15 Chinese doctors who flew in weeks ago – to help Nigeria fight COVID-19.

The IPOB leader claimed the foreign doctors came to perform what he described as “hologram” on Jubril – apparently to tone in his appearance. It seems they performed a botched surgery resulting in Jubril’s death.

So, in Kanu’s words, “Aso Rock is empty and panicky”.

Nigeria, and the world at large, will come to terms with this ‘revelation’ when the COVID-19 pandemic is over, says Kanu, adding that those hiding this ‘truth’ would end up in jail.

The IPOB leader made the hilarious claims Wednesday on Facebook hours after President Buhari confirmed Professor Ibrahim Gambari as his new Chief of Staff.

Kanu first fired off a picture message with the caption “Jubril is dead”, and thereafter did a live broadcast where he talked about different issues.

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