Man ordered food worth N5,500 online, only for him to receive this package from the delivery man (Photos)

Some times, ordering for things or items online might be disappointing, as there is tendency that the wrong product is delivered or the product might have been tampered with by the delivery man.

A Twitter user has narrated how he ordered for food from an Instagram vendor only for her to deliver the wrong thing to him.

In his tweet, he said, “So I ordered a meal from Grillsinandout on Instagram in Abuja at the price of #4,000 for the meal and #1,500 for the delivery man.. Looking at the menu I was like oh Damn nice and all that.. Little did I know that I will be really really disappointed . I mean this is painful to look at ..”

In the #4,000 food he ordered for, he met two cut fishes and half cooked maize, including one crayfish inside the box.

He sent the picture to them as a message to get a reaction and what he was told was that, the delivery guy must have joggled the box while on his way to deliver the item, sorry for the disappointment.

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