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More than 40 people dies in Adamawa communal clash over right to slaughter pigs in an Abbattior (Photos)

No fewer than 48 people are feared dead following a violent communal clash between two communities in Adamawa state.

The troubled area is Tigno in the Lammurde Local area of the state. The area is about two hours’ drive from the state capital, and shares a common border with Lau local government of Taraba state.

Locals disclosed that the trouble is between the indigenous Chobok tribe and their Hausa settlers, who are mainly rice farmers and fishermen.

According to the reports, the two communities who have been flexing muscles over the years, and got at each others throats from a local abbatoir over the right to slaughter pigs in the abbatoir, which the Hausas forbid.

The Hauses who are predominantly Muslim, forbid the eating of pork because of their religion believe. Some even have the believe that pigs should not be living in the same community with human being, they believe it can cause sickness to the entire community. The Muslim believe pig meat and oil is poisonous and should not be consumed in whatever form.

The indigenous chibok tribe are predominantly Christian, and do not see anything wrong in the consumption of Pig mean. Though some believe Muslim do not eat pig because it was the animal that ate the hand of their prophet.

The bodies that have been recovered from the violence are being prepared for mass burial even as the casualty figure is expected to rise according to report.

Reports indicate that sophisticated firearms were used by the warring communities in Tingno under Lamurde Local Government Area, causing destruction of lives and property.

The atmosphere is now calm, as the state government has deployed law enforcement agency to the community to restore peace and orders.

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