Wizkid to sue upcoming artist, Alo Innas for saying he has a shrine in his house

Nigerian popular musician who is also know to be an international star Wizkid, is on the verge to sue an upcoming artist for blackmailing him.

Alo innas who tried his best to be signed to wizkid record label but all is effort and trial fails as starboy did not sign him to his record label.

Following his failure to be signed to starboy record label the upcoming artist claims the Nigerian pop star has a shrines in his how which is why he failed to sign the endorsement deal.

Couple of days ago Alo Innas also claimed thy wizkid has used Terry Ryn’s glory too using that as his reason to thang god for not being signed to wizzes record label.

Wizzy has come out plain earlier today on his Snapchat that he will sue the upcoming artist Alo Inna to court demanding a sum of 100million naira as damages for blackmail and defamation of character.

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