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I want to experience the blessings of Ramadan – Pastor who converted to Islam

One of the Christian Pastors, pastor Daniel Otit recently changed is mind over his belief in Christianity because he was willing to observe the remaining fastening and prayer going on which the Muslims are observing.

The Pastor is known to be a lead pastor in one of the fast rising church, Life of God ministry located in Modakeke, Osun State, he said that since the churches are locked down and Muslims are fastening, it is not evil to join them so as to receive blessings from God.

He told his family members that ” since we are all human being and we were created by one God, there is no evil to join the Muslim brothers in their fasting since all churches are on lock down”

Then he proceeded to give some reasons why joining the Muslim fasting is very paramount and important to him:

1. Like the Christians also organise 70 days 20 days, 4 days fasting and prayer that is same way also the Muslim organise their fasting and prayer to as to move closer to God and Allah.

2. The Bible say “follow peace with all men” joining the Muslim fasting and prayer is one of the peace God commanded us to do.

3. Joining others in there fasting, is a wonderful way to show and communicate with them that you care about them.

4. Just as Christianity encourages us to fast and pray without season same way the Muslim brothers are also fastening without seasoning.

5. There is joy when you fast because you feel refreshed and you have time to communicate with God.

So for these reasons, my family and I have decided to join in the remaining fastening and prayer going as to get the best from God

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