Meet Ahmed Yerima, a former Governor and Senator who got married to a 13-year-old Egyptian girl

Senator Ahmed Yerima happens to be an indigene Of Zamfara State, he was born on the 22nd Of July, in Anka Town in the year 1960, he served as the governor Of Zamfara State from 1999 to 2007, and not only that, he also proceeded in his political career as he contested as a Senator to represent Zamfara West Senatorial district, in which he won the election and he served as a Senator from 2007 to 2019, he was also the deputy minority leader in the senate house during that time, then as of present, he is a member of APC, and he was among those who struggled for APC to remain strong, in the year 2015, and it is still the ruling Party till today, he is known with some controversies, amidst them was his Marriage to a 13 Year Old Egyptian Girl in 2009.

See His Academic Career;

Ahmed Yerima Completed a Matriculation Course in the year 1978 at sokoto College of Art and Science, upon the completion, he proceeded to Bayero University, Kano state, where he graduated from Economics department, and he got his B.Sc in Economics in the year 1982, he also applied for his master degree in Economics in the year 1987 at the same Bayero University of Kano.

See His Political Career;

As been mentioned earlier that he intitially served as a Governor before he Proceeded to serve as a Senator, his Political Career was Known with some controversies as he was probed by the Senate when he got married to a 13 Year Old Egyptian girl in the year 2009, this made the Senate to Commit an established Committee to get the course investigated, meanwhile, Hamed Yerima defended himself as he proclaimed that he married the young girl Legally.


Ahmed Yerima has a very good Political Structure in his state, Zamfara, and he also has a stronghold in APC which is the ruling Party, he made it known to the Public last year, 2019, that he would like to succeed President Mohammed Buhari who is the incumbent President of Nigeria, and also a member of APC just like himself, he made his intent to contest for Nigeria President while he was being interviewed by Daily Nigeria in Zamfara State.

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