You are still a girl – Lady get blasted for switching gender from female to male (Photos)

It’s just so unbelievable and surprising how anyone who was created a male by God would all of a sudden decide to change their gender to a female and vice versa. One might begin to think about how these people eventually come up with this kind of inspiration and ideas.

A lady have shared her before and after picture of himself which have gotten different reactions from people. The lady shared picture of herself she took on May 2019 and another picture he took on May 2020 which when you look at it, you might get confused because of the transformation. The picture the lady shared showed that she was a female before she actually switched gender to a male which is something that tends to make people think as to why a person would eventually switch gender.

The picture the lady shared shows that she was a female before in the first frame before she finally switched her gender from a female to a male.

Here are some of her previous pictures before she changed gender.

Here are some of her recent pictures after switching gender.

The tweet was shared by Jay on his twitter page with the caption which read, “May 2019 vs May 2020. I’m a transformer.”

Upon sharing this pictures, lot of people have dropped their various comments concerning the pictures shared as they are still insisting that she is still a female even if she has switched gender. A comment read, “You are still a girl.”

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