A 34-year-old mother shook the internet after sharing photos with her 17-year-old son

A 34-year-old mother shook the internet when she took to her social media page to share pleasing photos of herself and her child as she celebrates his birthday.

Her good-looking son turned 17 on the 16th May, 2020, and the excited mother took to Twitter to share photos which includes a throwback from when he was still a baby and when he turned 17.

In the recent hot photo which showed both of them stationed part by side, they both looked like young couples/siblings and it’s definite that if she hadn’t called him her son, they would have agreed as the aforementioned.

Though largely frequent reacted to the photos with chief admiration, others were moderately nosy to see why the lovely mom had her teenager at 17.

See the photos in full below;

The 34-year-old mother shared on her timeline she was harassed sexually on her 17th birthday, after the party she was to sleep over in friend’s house, though they were both drunk. She was forced to the act when she was asleep, the action of that night led to the pregnancy of the boy 17 years ago.

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