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Covid-19 is a scam in Nigeria – Discharged patient says she’s a witness

A 36-year-old lady in Delta State who has been successfully treated and discharged after testing positive for the coronavirus says while the pandemic might be real in the Western world, she’s however a living witness that, in Nigeria, COVID-19 is a scam.

According to Ripples Nigeria, the lady was confirmed positive on 17 April and she was kept and treated in an isolation centre in Warri for 17 days, before testing negative twice.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, May 18, she this to say: “It was an audio result that I got. They called me to tell me that I was positive but did not give me any results.

“Before I was taken there I already said the virus is not in this country. We cannot curb its spread if it is in this nation.

“The disease may be in the western world, but not here. Keeping me there [Isolation Centre] was against my wish.

“The markets are crowded; if it is here more people would have been affected. The banks are also crowded.

“It’s a scam in this nation. I am a witness. I have been there. I may have stayed at the isolation centre, but I do not see myself as a COVID-19 patient.

“My friend who was with me before I was admitted is living his normal life. He is fine. His test was negative. How about my family at home? When I was sick my mother was the one bathing me and even slept in the same room with me many times. She is almost 70 and still living her normal life. Imagine the close contact she had with me.

“They did not plan the drama before they went on stage. They would have quarantined my family. The reports that the doctors that attended to me were all tested positive for COVID-19 are all fabricated stories.”

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