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Nigerians say COVID-19 is a scam after seeing patients singing, dancing (Video)

Nigerians on social media have called for an end to what they call a COVID-19 scam going on in the country.

According to comments seen in the trendy hashtag #EndCovidScamNow, Nigerians believe there is no COVID-19 in the country.

This was after the below video surfaced showing some COVID-19 patients singing and dancing in an isolation center in the country.

This they found to be strange because clips and pictures of COVID-19 patients abroad always showed them in critical condition.

Below are a few tweets gathered by NaijaPledge.

Tweetsofchesky: The whole world is facing a pandemic meanwhile in Nigeria, we are facing a scamdemi

Pshegs: I think it’s time we #EndCovidScamNow. Yesterday, a friend told me how his Church offered their venue as an Isolation centre for the surging numbers in Lagos, and the officials rather asked them to ‘bring the money’. Is #COVID19 a money making apparatus across all levels?

Crsuade70350721: Is there COVID 19 in Nigeria, Yes I would say, but the truth is that the scam is more than the virus. I wish the virus can speak for itself. It will be crying for his allocation of the looting he is being used for.
Nobody dies of other things anymore.

See the video below.

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