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Repented ritualist reveals how he sacrificed his own sisters

According to reports, a former Ghanaian ritualist known as Nana Wan, confessed to killing lots of people including 114 babies and two sisters, during his native doctor days.

Nana Wan who confessed his deeds at a deliverance session in Resurrection Power Ministry church in Accra on Sunday, said he did all he did in a bid to be very wealthy. According to him, he ran to the church after being told that he would be a dead man by 8pm on Monday, April 13.

Nana claimed to have become a ritualist after he was forced to assume the role of a breadwinner to his family after his father abandoned his mother and his five siblings, about six years ago. He claims the hard time they faced, made him follow 12 men to an island in Benin Republic where he was introduced to marine spirits. He reportedly went through two stages of rituals before becoming a ‘certified’ native doctor/ritualist.

Nana also claims the marine spirit ordered him home to Ghana, stating that whatever work he chose to do in one week, would bring him riches beyond his wildest dreams. Armed with that assurance, he went ahead to work with a plantain seller for a week, and the day after, a lady from the marine world who was reportedly the first daughter of the mermaid, asked him how much wealth he wanted.

He reportedly told her he wanted GH¢20 million (about N2 billion), he was asked to go out and on his return, he discovered that a bag he had in the room was already filled with millions of cedis. He also said the woman visited him every week to top up his ‘account’ and to also Sleep with him.

According to him, this continued for three whole years until the marine spirit made a demand he couldn’t agree to. He was reportedly asked to sacrifice a newborn baby every two months, or risk dying like two other people who joined the kingdom at the same time he did. In order to make things easier for him, he found a nurse at the 37 military hospital in Accra, whom he paid GH¢100,000 (about N10 million) per transaction, to get him new born babies. He reportedly sacrificed a total of 114 babies, before he pleaded with the marine spirit to allow him change his mode of sacrifice.

Nana Wan’s sacrifice now changed from sacrificing newborns, to Sleeping with the spirit daily, and he almost died from the frequent s3$ and also discovered he urinated blood almost all the time.

He was eventually asked to bring members of his family for the sacrifice to save his life, and he ended up offering his son and two of his sisters. He revealed that he sacrificed his sisters who the marine spirits killed through road accidents while driving the Range Rover jeeps he gifted them. The marine spirits however did not stop at killing his sisters, they demanded for his mother’s life as well and despite his pleas to have her spared, the spirits insisted.

Nana Wan said his mother was saved after heeding a prophet’s warning against receiving the car her son bought in her name. His mother’s rejection caused the marine spirit to give him a deadline about his death (one month). Facing his imminent death, he ran to different churches and eventually ended up at the Resurrection church where he repented and was delivered, and told that he would lose all the wealth he got from the marine world.

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