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“It’s too hot” – Nurse wears only undies under transparent PPE while treating male Coronavirus patients

An unidentified Russian nurse putting on just her lingerie under transparent PPE has emerged the internet.

According to the nurse, she felt too hot to put on her uniform under a PPE, so she decided to pull off.

In the image above, the nurse can be seen wearing matching black bra and knickers as she writes a patient’s chart.

More intriguing is that the ward were she was attending to was a ward of only male coronavirus patients.

Reports say the nurse who is in her 20’s admitted that she didn’t know that the PPE she was wearing was transparent.

The hospital were she works is a regional clinical hospital in Tula, Russia.

When some of the men at the ward were questioned about the incident, they said they didn’t see any wrong in it, while some said it was a bit embarrassing.

Some persons have been in her support though, with a supporter saying  “Why punish the nurse, you need to reward her, seeing this outfit, no-one wants to die.”

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