I enjoy my relationship because my man beats me often – Actress reveals

A celebrated actress says being a peaceful relationship or rather marriage is not entertaining at all and therefore prefers when her man stretches his hand over her to ignite the love.

Bongo Movie actress Shamsaford from Tanzania has this Friday shared her shocking preferences with Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi TV.

The actress says she hates a peaceful relationship where a man keeps on forgiving and forgetting when she makes mistakes.

“sa mi mwenyewe mahusiano ya amani kila siku siwezi, nataka unipige kidogo ivi ndio naenjoy, bila kunipiga siwezi kuenjoy, says the actress, which loosely translates (I do not like being a relationship that is so peaceful all the time that there are no issues, I want my man to beat up so that I enjoy being with him, without that I won’t enjoy being with him)

Shamsaford further revealed that getting beaten up by her husband cannot make her divorce the man, but another reason to love him more.

“I want it when the man showers me with love and when I make mistakes, he beats me up. Getting beaten up cannot make me leave my man,” she added.

The actress who enjoys about 4 million followers on Instagram also admits having cheated on her man.

She noted that she cheated when she was in a long-distance relationship but could not wait that long without meeting her man.

“I cheated on him for a reason, I stayed for so long, you understand what I mean,” she added.

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