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It is Iberiberism to give 1800 crates of eggs to your community and multiple bags of rice to Jos – Igbos blast Mikel Obi

John Mikel Obi has incurred the wrath of some people who described the rationale behind his recent goodwill palliatives of 1800 crates of eggs denoted to his hometown of Anambra and that of multiple bags of rice, beans and cartoons of noodles to Jos Plateau State as “Iberiberism” (foolishness).

The people asked the wisdom behind giving only 1800 crates of eggs to your community as palliatives in the face of this pandemic while churning out millions of naira in food items to another state in the detriment of your home state.

Although the footballer or any body from his family has not issued any comment in or against the decision, but it appears the Trabzonspor player and father of twins has a coarse relationship with his native community in Anambra State.

In Igbo traditions, it’s part and parcel of the sons and daughters of Igbo decent to put home first hence the adage “aku ruo uno”. We must all learn to start our charity from home.

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