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Mother rejoices as her son is burnt to death by angry mobs

A mother rejoiced while an angry mob decided to kill her 19 year old identified as Derrick by burning him after he was found stealing a phone.

When asked the cause of her laughter, she said he deserved the consequences of his action because Derrick had always been a thief.

Derrick who completed high school since 2018 was urged by his mother to venture into charcoal business or electronics but he refused and opted for stealing.

From the money gathered, he left home and lived on his own. His mum begged him to return and paid extra school fees and some driving lessons fee, but Derrick chose to be a stray goat.

She felt elated on the jungle justice being carried out at her son, as she had called the police earlier, but Derrick escaped.

She warned those indulging in stealing and other fraudulent activities to stop because their day of reckoning is approaching.

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