My best friend I paid to impregnate my wife wants to claim the baby – Man cries out

Since have met my wife Eni I never once told her about my medical condition which does not allow me to make a woman pregnant.

After we got married, Eni has been worried about her inability to get pregnant after many years, and have always refused to go for medical check-up with her on the ground that she is the one that should get pregnant not me being that I am the man.

But at a point my conscience start hurting me that have hurt my wife by not telling her about my condition. So out of desperation i discussed with a friend of mine on how he can help me get my wife pregnant by sleeping with her.

We both came to an agreement that his going to help me get my wife pregnant and also agreed on a certain amount of money, which I paid him upfront and the balance once my wife confirms that she is pregnant

Few months later she told me that it looks like she is pregnant, we then went for test which confirm that she truly pregnant we both are happy that after this years we be expecting our first child

As promised that ones my wife is confirmed pregnant I will pay the balance, immediately I made the remaining transfer into his account which he confirmed he as seen the alert

Now the issue is after twelve years, my friend is saying he wants to come and claim the boy that his the father anyway. He is threatening to tell my wife if I refuse to give him my son.

I think this is too much for me to handle, how do I explain this to my wife and my son.

What should I do now to protect and preserve my family.

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