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Nigerians will soon start disobeying your speech – Ali Sani Madaki blasts Sultan of Sokoto

Former House of Reps of the Dala Local Government Area of ​​Kano, Aliyu Sani Madaki, has voiced his dismay over the apparent absence of the Sultan of Sokoto for not accepting the results of the Moon Sighted in our states.

Aliyu Madaki, who posted this on his social networking site, said, “The truth is that there is a big problem in our Moon Sighting in Nigeria”.

We should not keep the tradition of the Prophet (pbuh) and follow the words of a young boy in Riyadh, who is also unaffected by religion. The Sultan and our leaders should change our attitude towards seeing the moon in our country.

The Glorious Emir knows that if not corrected, nigerians will soon start to disobey your speak “.

Many people are beginning to worry about how the moon sighting is held each year, as anytime when people prepare to celebrate for eid or starting a fast.

Many states have followed their teachers’ instruction to hold a sallah ceremony today since they also sighted the moon in different parts of Nigeria.

Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi even held a sallah ceremony today at the mosque in his home, instructing all his followers to break the fast and hold the eid today.

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  1. We are back to the Abacha days when Islam was heavily politicised and each region celebrates Sallah a day after each other. We all know that our moon sighting and Eid celebration is heavily dependent on Saudi Arabia decisions as like many other Muslim countries. What is the motivation behind him saying this gibberish if not humger or he is a paid political lackey or thug.

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