Welcome to the religion of peace – Reactions as Christian man converts to Islam

Religion is the set of beliefs, feelings, dogmas and practices that define the relations between human being and sacred or divinity. The subject of Religion has always been a constant fight between Muslims and Christians as it’s not a battle that looks like one that will end very soon. The truth is, there is no need fighting over it. What you should be bothered about is, am I really practicing what my religion teaches me or just because I was born into a family that practices it then I will follow the trend.

It’s quite funny how people fight over religion issues as it looks like they have forgotten the purpose of religion.

A young man have shared pictures of himself after he converted to Islam which have gotten lot of people talking. Anthony finally accepted Islam as his new religion.

The post was shared by Anthony Michael on Twitter with the caption which read, “Finally converted to Islam this beautiful Ramadan.”

Some of his fans and followers have since reacted to the post he shared and they have dropped their various comments. Some persons have criticized him for not changing his name, while others were disappointed at the fact that he finally accepted Islam. Whatever is the case, we are not supposed to judge anyone as we can’t create any being.

A comment read, “Why is the name still reading Anthony. Brother I name u Sadiq if you don’t mind.”

Another comment read, “Congratulations brother, welcome to the religion of peace.”

Another comment read, “Welcome to the religion of peace. May almighty Allah grant you ease and guide and protect you.”

A man who wasn’t impressed with it wrote a comment which read, “Jesus Christ is the only WAY, the only TRUTH and the only LIFE.”