Why I have always dated a Christian even though I’m a Muslim – Lady narrates

I am a Muslim and a practicing one at that, but the problem I have is not finding a suitable Muslim brother to date, all I’ve ever dated are Christians and it can never end in marriage because I must marry a Muslim.

Ever since I’ve attained the age of puberty, and I’ve started the dating game, after I finished my secondary education, I have never seen a Muslim guy that I’m attracted to, not that I was not asked out by them but I’ve not seen one that suits my taste.

I love tall, good looking guys because I want to have beautiful children, but the good looking guys approaching me are Christians, all the Muslims approaching me are either short or not good looking. I don’t want any of my children to be short.

I am now looking for a tall and good looking Muslim guy because I am ready to settle down and I can’t obviously marry any of the christians I’ve dated.