Why President Buhari doesn’t use facemask

There have been occasions where President Muhammadu Buhari didn’t make use of the facemask in the Presidential villa even when his visitors have it on.

Well, the President Personal Assistant on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie, on Saturday revealed why the president doesn’t wear face mask.

Lauretta Onochie via her Twitter handle explained that expert medical protocol states that there is no need for face mask when in a safe environment, hence Buhari’s reason for not wearing it.

She stressed that Pres. Buhari was not breaking any rules by not wearing face mask.


”Expert Medical Protocol is that if you are in your safe environment, you don’t need to wear a mask

“Those visiting you MUST wear masks to ensure they leave no droplets in your environment.

“Wearing masks is mostly to protect people around us.”

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